viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

The idea

Welcome to my quick and easy recipe blog. My idea is to share my recipe ideas and my love of cooking fast, cheap and tasty meals! Originally from London I am now based in Argentina, and this had made cooking my normal variety a bit more difficult. I will attempt to show how interesting recipes from all over the world can be cooked using uncomplicated ingredients on a budget.

My family are Indian, so a lot of my recipes are spicy or have an Indian theme. I learnt to cook from my grandmother, a wonderful housewife and the best cook (in my opinion)! However, a lot of recipes I use are based on the variety we ate at home in London. I will publish pictures of the different recipes, which I test on my Argentine boyfriend. He is a great guinea pig!

If anyone has any particular requests or comments, they would be most welcome!

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